Month: January 2018

Learn About Social Media Algorithms, Augmented Reality and More Changing Business Trends

Growing a business requires you to constantly stay in touch with the latest updates and trends as the tools, platforms and methods to use are constantly changing. Members of the online small business community have come up with some great insights to these changing tools and trends which include social media algorithms and augmented reality. Read on for some helpful tips.

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The Best eCommerce Platforms for SEO

SEO goes hand-in-hand with e-commerce. With most Internet activity starting off with a search, an online store is going to have a tough time if nobody can discover your website through Google or other search engines.

However, most e-commerce platforms today will offer a variety of features to keep your e-commerce store optimized for Google. But SEO in itself involves lots of factors – UX, speed, meta tags, etc. that makes finding a platform that does well with all of them more than a bit difficult.

Use this article to help you get an idea of the best SEO compatible e-commerce platforms before you take the leap to invest your time, resource and money.  The Best eCommerce Platforms for SEO.

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Top Marketing Strategies for Startups

For most start-ups, financial constraints are a common challenge. Most businesses need to market their products and services and may understand the importance of having it, but may not be able to afford to do so.

Learn how to do this on a minimal budget and still come up with unique ways to market your business in this article: Top Marketing Strategies for Startups

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Key Differences Between Top-Performing B2C Content Marketers and Their Peers

B2C marketers have been pressured to do more content marketing that far outpaces their ability. Organisations may need to consider the cost-efficiency, resource optimisation, and other key elements such as workflow process best practices/framework for a more prioritized and strategic content marketing plan to gain higher return-on-investment in marketing. These signs were indicated in the latest annual B2B Content Marketing 2018 Report : Benchmarks, Budgets, and Trends – North America, released by CMI and MarketingProfs.

For more research findings, view the report: B2C Content Marketing 2018 Benchmarks, Budgets and Trends – North America

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