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How to Use Intrigue to Increase Your Email Open Rates

Getting your email noticed amongst hundreds of other emails in your prospects inbox is difficult enough, let alone getting a few minutes from them to read the content when so many other things may occupy your client’s attention. With average email open rates a mere 21.8%, how can you increase your chances of being noticed?

Human beings are curious by nature. By using intrigue, your email campaign will leverage on human beings curiosity. If you intrigue them, that person will feel the need to respond in order to satisfy their deeply-seated feelings.

Learn how you can incorporate intrigue in your emails and increase your email open rates in this article by ActiveTrail.

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Email Marketing Tips for Travel and Hospitality Businesses

Spending money on experiences is the new fave vs purchasing material objects. Most people today prefer going to art exhibits, doing extreme outdoor activities, and traveling to places—the things that allow them to create wonderful memories. It’s good news for travel and hospitality businesses, especially with online booking being prevalent now.

With the digital dependency of this generation’s travelers, travel and hospitality businesses should not miss out on connecting to them through digital channels like email. Email marketing can help to meet different businesses objectives for these businesses, such as boosting reservations, increasing loyalty and providing better customer support. However, there are rules to follow in making email marketing a driver of revenue. Read on for some email marketing tips for your travel and hospitality business.

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