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Social Media as a Strategic Tool

Social media users have tuned themselves to become blind to advertisements on platforms like Twitter and Facebook. The persistent strategies used on these platforms need to be replaced by another strategy to better connect with their intended audience. Read on for more insight.

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Simple Answers to Mission Vs Vision

A Lot of Confusion Between Mission vs Vision. So, Here explained the Actual Differences…

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4-Step Communication Channel Selection Guide by CEB

A simple 4-step guide and chart released by CEB analysis that help us to choose the most appropriate Communication Channel(s) to support our business objectives:

Step 1: Add channels into the mix as necessary, to reach specific audiences.

Step 2: Add and use different channels more frequently as they become more popular.

Step 3: Experiment with new channels to determine their effectiveness before starting to use them frequently.

Step 4: Evaluate your channel options and select the #channel mix that is most appropriate for your objective and target audience of the message.

Check it out —


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